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What is a Sikshashree Application Form

A Sikshashree Application form is a fill-up document for students to apply for the Sikshashree scholarship program. The scheme provides financial assistance to the day-scholars of West Bengal, and it is evolved by merging the existing schemes of Maintenance and Book Grants.

To be eligible, a student should belong to the scheduled caste or tribe categories and study between classes five and eight. Other conditions apply, as we shall see below. But first, let’s look at what data you will be asked to provide on the Sikshashree Application document:

Information Required on a Sikshashree Application Form

When looking for a Sikshashree Application form, you will need to provide some crucial information to stand a chance to qualify. It is always best practice to be truthful and ensure you give the correct information.

The following details are what will be required when applying for the Sikshashree scholarship:

  • Your full name as the applicant (Should be in block letters).
  • Father’s, mother’s, or guardian’s name.
  • Gender.
  • Date of birth.
  • Phone number.
  • Caste and sub-caste.
  • Permanent address.
  • The particulars of your father, mother, or guardian, including their name, occupation, and address.
  • Bank details include the bank name, S.B. account number, IFSC code, and MICR.
  • Name and address of the institution, your class of study, and the actual date to join the class.
  • Information regarding the scholarship received in the previous year includes the amount, scholarship name, and other details.
  • Application for any other scholarship.
  • Annual gross family income from all sources.

You will also need to provide your signatures as the student and that of the parent or guardian to complete the Sikshashree Application form.

Other documents to submit along with the application are the Aadhaar card, parent's income certificate, bank account details, caste certificate, school certificate, residential certificate, and passport size photos.

Now, let’s see how to add the above details to the Sikshashree form:

How to Fill out a Sikshashree Application Form

Filling out a Sikshashree Application form shouldn’t be a daunting or challenging task. Here are the steps to get started to fill out the two-page document:

a) Tick one of the checkboxes to say whether it’s a new application or a renewal, add the entitlement card number, and attach your picture.

b) Enter your personal information, including your name, parent or guardian name, gender, date of birth, phone number, Caste, and Sub-Caste.


c) From steps 7 to 10 on the document, use the tables to add the required details. Start with your permanent address, particulars of the person supporting your studies, bank details, and the name and address of the institution.


d) State whether you got a Sikshashree Scholarship in the previous year. If it is your first time applying, tick the NO check box and go to step 12 of the document. Otherwise, provide the details of the previous year’s scholarship. Next, say whether you have applied for any other Stipend or Scholarship and enter your family’s annual gross income from all sources.

e) On the provided fields, enter the date followed by your and your parent or guardian signatures. Cross-check the information provided above if it is correct and proceed to the next and the last page of the document.

f) Have the head of the institution add a seal, signature, and details such as their name, designation, address, state, and Pincode.

g) Add the date and seal from a member of parliament, a member of a state legislature, or a municipal commissioner. Finally, enter their information, including their name, designation, address, state, and Pincode.

What is a Sikshashree Application Form Used For

The purpose of a Sikshashree Application form is to streamline the documentation process to allow SC/ST students to apply for a Sikshashree scholarship hassle-free. It contains all the needed data with fillable fields to easily fill out your details.

After completing the form and submitting it, lucky students will get financial assistance, which improves their participation in Pre-Matic stages and minimizes the incidence of drop-outs, especially for girls.

Sikshashree Application Form: Who Has to Fill It Out

A Sikshashree Application form can be filed by a scheduled caste or scheduled tribe day-scholar student studying between class V and VIII in government, government-aided, government-recognized regular schools, madrasahs, or equivalent.

Besides, students from the mentioned categories who do not reside in government hostels are eligible for the grant and need the Sikshashree form to apply for the Sikshashree scholarship scheme.

The student must be from West Bengal and from a family with an annual income of less than 2.5 lakhs. They should also not be getting other types of financial assistance from the central or state government.

Additional Sikshashree Application Resources

Here are some additional resources to help you understand the Sikshashree Application form and details to include:

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